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bought our olive oil
"We had some of the oil that we purchased at the show for breakfast today and decided to come back to buy some more, it's delicious"                                                 John Goddard Lord Mayor of Oxford and his wife  

"I've had a look around all the stalls and came back to yours because your oils really stand out!.... they have a unique flavour" 
Alison at Waddesdon Christmas Market

"We bought some here at the Oxford Market last week, it was exquisite!" 
 Mr  Sharp from Oxford

"we loved the oil we bought at the Woburn Fair... we'll order some more online as we probably can'tget to the events you mentioned..."  John from Bedford 

"It's delicious....."        Peter from Padbury  

"Buonissimo!...." Niky (Italian) at Godmanchester Fair  

"...we love your oil which we bought at Oxford Castle, we would like to buy some more..."   Virginia from Oxfordshire (they then visited us at our Claydon House event to purchase in person)   

"I bought some oil from you last week [at the Willen Lake Farmer's Market] and really liked it..."Tim from MK   

"I have received my olive oil and wanted to thank you both for the great service and excellent have gained a customer;...Thanks once again, the oil is gorgeous"                        Stephan Work - Worcestershire  

"Hi SandraThe oil is delicious, please save two bottles for us...and my sister would like some too."                        Sarah in Suffolk 

Last night we lightly toasted some thin sliced Ciabatta bread in a sandwich press to give it a nice griddled texture, added finely chopped on the vine organic tomatoes and drizzled a generous amount of your delicious organic Olive Oil along with a small amount of fresh ground pepper. I took about 5-10 minutes to prepare and was fabulous. I have tried this previously with the best supermarket oils and there is simply no comparison, your oils are in a different league!"
Steve and Leanne from Padbury  

"used some of the oil I bought on Sunday. It's delicious... At the rate it's going I may need to buy a can...bought somefresh Ciabatta, warmed it in the oven  and added the oil... it was delicious. Already a couple of people I know want some"
Gordon from Bedford