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waddesdon artisan market
Es Mejor Trabajar en Una Compañía Grande o Por Tu Propia Cuenta?
tomato salad Caramba Balsamic and Oro del Desierto Olive oil
Healthier tomato salad by Emily
Stony Stratford Apple Day 11th October - Chris Wright Demo


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waddesdon artisan market

Our new Artisan Market event is a great place to go. Caramba will be at Waddesdon Manor every second Saturday of the month at the New Waddesdon Artisan market.   It is held in the main car park just before you collect your coach to the main gardens.    The last event was a great success and customers enjoyed a great variety of stalls offering oils, balsamics, bread, flowers and a host of other goddies to buy.

Es Mejor Trabajar en Una Compañía Grande o Por Tu Propia Cuenta?

Es Mejor Trabajar en Una Compañía Grande o Por Tu Propia Cuenta?
Yo trabajé en una compañía grande por 7 años en Londres, y trabajé como profesora de Español para el consejo del  el ayuntamiento de Milton Keynes y de Surrey por seis años como profesora de Español y cuando joven trabajé en la compañía de la familia por 6; tuve uno que otro trabajito sabatino cuando estudiaba. Pero he trabajado por mi propia cuanta el resto de mi vida.

tomato salad Caramba Balsamic and Oro del Desierto Olive oil

Cute little film made by my little daughter!  A healthier and tasty tomato and parma ham salad with thick sweet balsamic and Spanish extra virgin olive oil - Oro Del Desierto. Delicious!!

Healthier tomato salad by Emily
Emily's video!

Stony Stratford Apple Day 11th October - Chris Wright Demo

Stony Stratford Apple Day celebrations; come along to see a great cookery demo by Christopher Wright. A great apple mouse. Christopher Wright has been training near Oxford in a Michellin starred restaurant. After his A levels he hopes to go to Westminster to study professional chefs courses. He will be judgung the Apple Charlotte Competition. Date: Saturday 11th October Time: afternoon location: Stony Stratford

Coffee and dementia

Studies have shown that people who drink moderate amounts of coffee each day were less likely to develop dementia leading on to Alzheimers

Coloured bottles, cold pressed and fresh harvests for best results

Great news!  Yet another extensive report concludes that consuming about two table spoons of Olive Oil a day for four to six weeks can reduce the incidence of detrimental lipids more commonly related to high cholesterol in the blood system which builds up in the arteries and may cause heart attacks. 
The reason why cholesterol builds up in the body and damages it is that it cannot dissolve by itself.  Olive Oil is able to dissolve this bad cholesterol; however, not any old quality of olive oil provides the same benefits. It is the actual  levels of phenols which are important. Some oils can contain low levels of phenols either because they have been damaged by exposure to heat, light or are not from the latest harvest. Some can have a fifth of the content of good quality oil which has been extracted cold and stored to prevent exposure to sunlight. That is: fresh harvests. :Like the oil available at our site: It goes well together with the wonderfully aged balsamic vinegar from Modena also available from our site!   Enjoy good health!!

Drinking Balsamic vinegar?

We have just received a new product from Modena: Fruit enriched Aged Balsamic vinegar!
I tried a little of the blackberry balsamic diluted in cold water and it was a very refreshing drink.
These are some of the reasons why consuming vinegar, a fermented product, can be beneficial to your health:
It may protect your heart. 
Balsamic vinegar prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is believed to contribute to atherosclerosis—a condition in which plaque builds up in the arteries, blocking blood flow and in some cases, eventually leading to a heart attack or stroke, according to a 2010 study.

Balsamic jelly and raspberry dessert

The days are getting sunnier; it seems, out here in the British country side!  and although thoughts of salad days are distant why not use our balsamic to make a great dessert!! A healthy raspberry and balsamic jelly dessert.

Raspberry base:
 Ingredients: a dash of cognac,  70g sugar, 2 egg yolks, 180g cream, 10g gelatin, 200g pureed raspberries - frozen or fresh. 
Boil the milk with half the sugar.
Beat yolks in a separate bowl. add the gelatin, cognac and the other half of the sugar.

Artisan Market July 14

Come along to the Buckingham Artisan Market this month at the Cattle Pens on Sunday 19th July - 10am - 2pm. Caramba will be there with wonderful, healthier balsamics and olive oils. Artisan and great taste.  For details contact: